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Mont Saint Michel Abbey

The history of the Mont Saint Michel is closely linked to that of the Abbey.  A definite must-see during your stay on the Mount, the Abbey is steeped in history and boasts unique architecture.

Visiting Mont Saint Michel Abbey

Discover the history of this listed "monument historique", during a commented tour.

Saint Michel Abbey offers visitors the chance to admire medieval architecture from the 11th to the 16th century.  This sacred place is truly an architectural masterpiece.

During your guided tour, discover the different rooms the cloister, the refectory, the reception room, the old ossuary, the monk promenade, the crypt of giant pillars and the gardens overlooking the bay.


It all begain in 708 when the archbishop Aubert, archbishop of Avranches, ordered the construction of a sanctuary in honour of Saint Michael on Mont-Tombe for a community of canons.

In 966, the Duke of Normandy,  Richard 1st, asked some Benedictine monks to found a Benedictine abbey on the Mont Saint Michel. The construction of the Roman abbey-church began in 1023.  Saint Michel Abbey became an important pilgrimage site for western christians but was also a place of medieval culture where numerous manuscripts were written and conserved. Today these manuscripts are displayed at Avranches Scriptorial.

In 1874, the Abbey was listed a "monument historique" and in 1979 the Mont Saint Michel became a listed World Heritage site by UNESCO.

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